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Invest in a Back Taxes Property and Bump Up Your Real Estate Profits

In the current economic climate, tax delinquent property is far and away the best property investment you can make. There’s tons of it, it’s easy to get, and there’s a lot of money to be made from it. If you can find a back taxes property and buy it without attending the auction, you’ll be able to profit as much as you want this year.

What’s the best way to find a back taxes property? This is simple, but usually overlooked by investors. First, don’t buy from the tax sale – there is too much competition, and it’s too risky to buy a property you can’t inspect first. But don’t buy it from the owners yet, either. Wait until after the tax sale, and research the properties that actually sold.

Why? Well, first, you’ll seldom find a back taxes property with a mortgage at this point. This is because banks will step in and pay off taxes, rather than lose their stake in the property. Also, if a property actually sold at tax sale, then that means someone out there thought it was a good enough deal to buy it. Properties with no bids, you can forget about entirely. They’re trash.

Next, find the owners of these properties. They can still legally sell to you during the redemption period after tax sale, and they are highly motivated to do so at this point. You can often get properties for as little as a few hundred dollars during the redemption period.

Then, you can either choose to pay the taxes off yourself, or find a buyer before the end of the redemption period and let them pay the taxes off. This is a great, quick way to make a lump of cash without ever having to put out more than a few hundred dollars yourself.

Purchasing Back Tax Property – How to Get it For Cheap, Or Profit Without Owning Property

Purchasing back tax property is not as challenging as you may think. While it has become considerably more difficult to get tax foreclosure property by bidding at auction, back tax properties are still available all over the place for a bargain – if you know how to go about finding and buying them.

If you attempt to bid at auction, you’ll find a few things are true. First, you’ll have a lot of competition, and that is likely to get worse in the future. This won’t allow you to get a great deal. Second, you’ll have to pay for your entire bid, in cash, at the sale. Third, you won’t be able to inspect the property beforehand. The only surefire way to go about purchasing back tax property cheaply is to get it directly from the owners, after tax sale.

Towards the end of the redemption period (the year or so after tax sale when the owner can still redeem), there will still be many properties left unredeemed. Purchasing back tax property from the owners of these homes, at this specific point in the process, is a gold mine. These owners are desperate and willing to negotiate a very, very low price for their properties, and sometimes are even happy to sign over the deed to you for nothing, just to be done with the ordeal as soon as possible.

If you’re considering purchasing back tax property as an investment but really hate the idea of owning property, there’s another very easy way to make a lot of money from tax foreclosure property, without ever having to own anything. When more is bid at tax sale than is owed on back taxes (same for mortgage foreclosure) the overage is held for the owner to come in to claim. Since many of these owners are long gone from the property, or for whatever reason have abandoned the situation, they often don’t know about the tens of thousands of dollars they have waiting to be collected. After a while, they lose it permanently to the government.

By finding records of these funds, locating their owners, and connecting the two, you are entitled to a finder’s fee. And since these funds aren’t governed by state law, there’s no limit to the finder’s fee you can charge. On a typical $15,000 overages with a 40% finder’s fee, you’re looking at $6,000 for what amounts, generally, to a few days’ work.

Back Taxes Properties Vs Back Mortgage Properties – Why Tax Property is Always a Better Investment

Property will always be a great investment. But do you know what types of properties are the best to invest in – ensuring maximum return? Foreclosure property is your best bet – but only tax foreclosures. Back taxes properties will always be a much better investment than mortgage foreclosures. Here’s why.

The number one reason to choose back taxes properties? They are almost always mortgage-free. Because they will lose their mortgage if the property gets lost to tax sale, mortgage companies keep an eye on taxes and don’t let them go delinquent. So by investing in back taxes properties, you’ll be buying only properties that have a lot of equity. This means that you can make a lot of money from this property if you buy it for the right ptice.

Besides being full of equity, back taxes properties are also the cheapest to buy. This is also because there’s no mortgage. You’ll never be able to get mortgage foreclosures that cheaply (plus, there’s the mortgage payments to worry about). If you’re doubting? Yes, it’s really possible to buy back taxes properties for under a thousand dollars. How? Tax sale isn’t it, if that’s what you were thinking.

The way to get back taxes properties is outside the auction. A very exciting type of homeowner is left when you reach the end of the redemption period. They’re not planning on paying off the taxes – they’re letting the government have the property. Most just want the process over sooner, and will be agreeable to signing the deed over to you, since they’re letting it go anyway – pretty much all you have to do is politely ask for it. Offer a few hundred dollars for their time – and that’s it.

With all the headaches that come along with them, mortgage foreclosures are out. Invest in back taxes properties using this technique, and you’ll make a lot more money. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving this method a shot! And this point in history is one of the best ever to get involved with foreclosures – there are lots of them out there. Start investing!

Delinquent Tax Property – How to Start With $200 in Your Wallet and Buy a Property

Regardless of your age, occupation, or educational background, if what you want is to make money from real estate, you can. It doesn’t take a fortune to invest in real estate if you go after the right property at the right time. (Even if you have a lot of money, you should use these techniques!) This “secret” property is delinquent tax property – but the real secret is in how to get it outside the auction for $200 or less.

Isn’t the simplest way to get delinquent tax property just to bid at auction? No, no, no. You will never, ever get a delinquent tax property at tax sale for a few hundred dollars. Your competition will make sure of that. Not only that, but you can’t inspect the property, or finance it – you have to pay for your purchase immediately, sight unseen. No matter; the owners pay the taxes off during the redemption period most of the time, anyway.

Guess what? It really doesn’t matter – because you’re going to get delinquent tax property for less money another way. The redemption period is the hot time to buy – specifically, the last two months – directly from the owners themselves. Most of the owners that haven’t redeemed are owners that don’t want the property anymore. This is the best source of cheap, easy delinquent tax property.

You’ll often find these owners live across the country, and that this is a second home, or inherited home, that they just don’t want to deal with anymore. Be bold, and just ask them if they’d sign the deed over to you – since they’re letting the property go anyway. Offer to pay them for their time, for signing the paperwork. You can either sell the delinquent tax property right away, or bail out the taxes and keep it. Either way, you profit.

Use this method, and you’ll have your first $200 delinquent tax property in no time. Don’t make excuses for continuing to put it off… get started today. With the mind-blowing number of foreclosures out there right now, you’re virtually guaranteed to succeed.

How to Get Back Tax Property For $200 and Flip it For Thousands

If you go about it properly, real estate is one of the least risky and most profitable ways to make money. If you use smart techniques to buy the right properties at the right time, you’ll blow your competition – even seasoned investors – out of the water. This property is plentiful, inexpensive, and a bigger inventory of it is being created every day – back tax property.

Tax sale is not the place to get back tax property. In case you need convincing, consider this. Your competitors want these properties too – and will make sure you don’t get anything for a steal. This method also ties up a lot of cash – you’ll have to have a check for the entire amount of your bid with you. And if you are the successful bidder? Sadly for you, most of the time the owners come in and bail out the back tax property before you get it anyway.

Does this really affect you? Not at all. You’ll be using a much more effective method to buy back tax property. Wait until a few months before the end of the redemption period – that’s your “hot” zone. The prospect? The tax delinquent owners themselves. You’ll find a whole lot of owners at this point who just don’t want the property anymore. Buying from these owners will be a cakewalk.

Frequently, you’ll find these owners inherited the property and live across the country. They don’t want the property, or to pay the taxes. Since they’re already letting the back tax property go, ask them for their deed. Plain and simple! Signing over the documents will take less than an hour – offer them $200 for their time. Now you can either sell quickly, or pay the taxes and keep it. It’s up to you!

Ever heard of a better technique for getting back tax property for $200? Don’t sit on your hands any longer – take the plunge and get started today. Because of the recent economic downturn, there’s more back tax property out there than ever before in history.

How to Buy Government Tax Properties Outside of Tax Sale – A $100,000 Opportunity

Want to build a real estate empire? Do it now! Even if you have zero experience in the real estate industry, you can start a huge success if you know the right property to buy, and how to get it. Here’s the best way get property – government tax properties – for as little as $100.

If you want to profit as much as possible on government tax properties, you have to avoid tax sale. Why? Competing with other bidders is a recipe for paying the highest possible price for government tax properties. And if you do win a bid, it’s for property you’ve never been able to inspect – very risky. And the final straw? The owners redeem 95% of the time. Sorry!

So how to buy government tax properties without attending the tax sale? Easy. The last few months of the redemption period will be your golden time – approach owners themselves then, and you’ll have a lot of success. Owners that still aren’t paid up are usually those that are letting the property go on purpose – because they don’t want it anymore. Getting this property is so easy, it’s amazing.

You’ll find a lot of heirs, landlords, and people who just bought the property thinking maybe they’d do something with it one day. All of them no longer want the headache of maintaining the property. These people don’t value the property. Just ask if you have the deed! For signing the paperwork, offer them a few hundred dollars for their time. They actually feel like you’re doing them a favor. Once the deed is signed over, you can then redeem the property and keep it – or sell and let the new buyer pay the taxes.

Learning to buy government tax properties is truly that easy. Why invest at tax sale when you can use this far-superior method? And – bonus! – the state of the real estate market and general economy has made this a huge window of opportunity. Don’t start tomorrow, or next week – get going on this today, and a year from now your financed will be seriously improved!

The current foreclosure rate won’t last forever – take advantage of it now.

Back Taxes Property – The Real Estate Investor’s Secret Weapon

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make money in real estate. If you know what you’re doing, you can make as much money as anyone else. Using insider techniques to get the most profitable type of property at the right time pretty much guarantees your success. The property in question? back taxes property, purchased after the tax sale.

Wondering why tax sale isn’t the place to get back taxes property? The government sells at auction for a reason – to get the highest price. The bidding ensures you won’t get a big discount on anything. It’s designed that way. And if you’re tight on cash, that’s something to consider – you’ll have to pay for the property when you buy it, even though you won’t get the deed for a year. Even if you somehow dodge those obstacles, owners redeem back taxes property 90% of the time anyway. So don’t bother.

Don’t take this to mean you can’t get a great deal on back taxes property. Quite the opposite. The tax delinquent owner himself is your best prospect – but only if you approach him at the end of the redemption period, when he is just about to lose the property for good. Surprisingly, many of the owners that are left unredeemed at this point just don’t want the property. Getting these properties for a song won’t be difficult.

Most of these owners will be landlords, or heirs that got a property when someone died, and don’t want to deal with the taxes. They’re already forfeiting the back taxes property – so ask if they’d like to get it out of their hair sooner. Their time is important, so be sure you offer $200 for the time it takes to sign the docs. Next is up to you to decide whether you keep the property, or sell it and let the new owner deal with the taxes. Either way, you profit big time.

Admit it… this is the best way of getting back taxes property you’ve heard of to date. The economic slump has created the perfect opportunity for you to buy tax sale property, so don’t put it off any longer. With so many properties out there for sale, your odds of being successful are phenomenal.

The current foreclosure rate won’t last forever – take advantage of it now.

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Buying Delinquent Tax Properties – 2 Huge Ways to Profit

If you’ve caught on to the fact that tax property is one of the best ways to make money in real estate (especially in this economy), you’re a step ahead of most new real estate investors. Here are 2 ways to make massive profit buying tax delinquent properties.

1. Buy the property without attending the auction. Most investors don’t exercise this legal way to get tax property – why, is anyone’s guess. The tax sale is not remotely close to the best way to get tax property. You can’t inspect the properties beforehand, and you have to bid against scores of other bidders. You’ll rarely see a nice property sold at tax sale for less than retail value or very close to it.

Buying delinquent tax properties is easiest if you buy directly from the owners – but only after tax sale, during the redemption period. This has given the owner plenty of time to try to pay the taxes off. Now he knows he can’t, and is desperate to sell – or just no longer cares and is ready to let the property go. Either way, this is the time for you to get in and make an offer. Find an owner that no longer cares, and you can pick up deeds for less than $1,000.

Also, by waiting until after tax sale, you’ve weeded out most properties with mortgages, as mortgage companies will bail out the delinquent taxes in order to avoid having the property be sold at tax sale.

2. Go after the huge overages created by tax sale. This is a big one, and it applies to mortgage foreclosures as well. When a bidder bids more at tax sale than was owed, that overage amount is often due back to the owner. But due to owner ignorance and government laziness, the owner often never connects with the overage and moves on. As you might guess, if it sits there long enough the government can seize it.

If you can find these owners and records of their missing funds and act as a liaison between the two, due to a legal loophole almost no one knows about (even those actively working delinquent tax properties!), you can legally charge the owner up to 50% for your service. On overages reaching into the tens of thousands of dollars routinely, especially with the current foreclosure rate, there is a lot of money to be made from these overages. And you can do it all from your home office, anywhere in the world.

The current foreclosure rate won’t last forever – take advantage of it now.

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How to Buy Back Tax Properties – It’s Not the Way You Think

If you’re thinking of delving into the field of tax foreclosure properties, you’re headed in the right direction. The number homes being foreclosed in this economy is skyrocketing. There are more available properties than ever before, but if you want to be successful, you’ve got to know how to buy back tax properties – and it’s probably not the way you think.

The tax foreclosure industry has exploded. There are countless infomercials on late night television explaining how simple it is to go to the tax sale, pay the back taxes, and walk away with a great property for almost no money. This is a joke, and it is not how to buy tax properties anymore, if it ever was. Competition has made profitability at the tax sale next to impossible.

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you can still buy back tax properties for, truly, pennies on the dollar, but you’ve got to outsmart and outwork your competition in the beginning. How? Buy back tax properties before they go to auction.

Sound like a no-brainer? Well, it sort of is, but almost no tax investors do it. Why? Well, they’re wusses. In order to get the best deals on tax properties, you’ve got to make contact and deal with the owner. Most investors think this will be awkward or difficult– let them keep thinking that, while you cash in on this unheard of economic climate.

You’ll find that these owners are frequently no longer living in the property. They either never lived there (heirs, landlords), and/or they’ve resigned themselves to the fact that they will lose the property to the government. When you come along just before they’re about to lose it forever, they are more than happy to make a deal with you just so their property goes to someone other than the “tax man,” and often you prevent them from losing everything at the last minute.

If you’re serious about learning how to buy tax properties, you really must learn this method of tax sale investing.

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